49% improvement 
in team wellbeing in only two months

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Recharge while you are working

We create scientifically-informed music featuring binaural beats  and immersive sound. Our unique tracks activate the parasympathetic nervous system and offload the brain. This audio will recharge you while you are working.

Medical studies show that binaural beat audio is as effective as opioids but without harmful side effects. It reduces stress,  improves focus, and supports wellbeing.

Audicin is an on-demand system that can be used at any time of the day.  People feel the benefits in as little as 5 minutes and all you need are headphones. 

Audicin is leading the trend of digital personal care; be part of the audio medicine health revolution.

This is how it works

Easy and efficient way of improving your team's productivity.

A sales team of nine people gained a 40% boost in wellbeing by simply listening to Audicin.

This translates to a direct improvement in productivity and team reputation

It feels like your brain has had a shower or massage.

Achieve your targets at work and have energy at the end of the day for your friends and family.

Experience deeper sleep, focus and a reduction in the exhaustion that can lead to burnout

Binaural beats and immersive sound are the next phase of personal audio medicine

Audicin's composition and engineering processes are driven by developments in music psychology, medicine and neuroscience

Our scientists conduct research that is open to the public

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Do you want to know what scientifically composed music sounds like and feel the impact? 

Try our music samples with headphones on.

Please seek medical advice before trying binaural beats if you have a neurological condition associated with fits, if you are under 18 or if you are pregnant. Safety of binaural beats has yet to be scientifically assessed in these populations.
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"My team experienced the use of Audicin as an easy and pleasant method for recovery. Our performance metrics increased four times while the wellbeing increased by 49%. Since stress management is very important to us,
we will continue to use Audicin."
Hannaleena Koskinen
Vice President
SOK Media Business

”I have used Audicin to recover and recharge during work days and have followed the impact with my smart watch. I can see a clear impact on my body and mind, and it has been a great tool to balance my busy work days.”

Kristiina Hännikäinen
Business Lead, 
LeasePlan Digital, Amsterdam

”I have a hectic life and I have symptoms of ADHD. I have been using Audicin sound meditation and I have been able to focus and calm down. The results are verified with my Oura ring, which registers my session as a restorative time.”
Annina Antinranta
Principal Designer, Futurice Oy, Helsinki

"Over time it's helped deal with the overwhelming feelings of panic when I have attend the eye clinic for injections. I often use it in stressful situations now. I wouldn't be without it. I can't thank you enough Audicin!"
Nancy Barnett
Living with macular degeneration, UK